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Are you tired of trying to figure out the website stuff and crying because the online tutorials don't make any sense?

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My Name is Ashley

I’m Ashley Bruce (now Lumpkin) and I started Created Co Studio in 2019. I fell in love with everything business growing up in a house where my parents talked about their current and past adventures. I studied it in college but also had a huge passion for international mission work so I moved to Ukraine.

I moved back to the states a year later and balanced an administrative job, social media management for a local diner, tried my hand at photography and any other creative job I could get.Β 

I work with women who want to run a business online but aren't sure exactly what to do. i help design brands, websites and business strategy curated to meet your exact needs.

3 Fun Facts About Me

1. I love reading and buying books equally.
2. I got married in 2021.
3. I love interntational missions and if the opportunity presents itself to travel with a purpose, I’ve already bought my tickets.

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