How to Set Business Goals for 2023

I am the type of girl to get excited about Jan 1st right after Christmas. A chance to layout my dreams with a plan and ideas to get me closer to my ideal life, sign me up! Today I want to share a few ideas of how to set business goals so you can grow […]

How to Niche Down as a Health Coach

This is one the keys to success as a health coach and really any business today. When COVID happened, everything changed. So many people lost their jobs and then sought other options. Online business owners pivoted. The online space blew up. That means everything is more saturated. With that change you need to be more […]

What Your Health Coach Website Can Do For You

Your health coach website is your business’ home. It’s where people come to meet you, hang out and eat your food (consumer your free content). It’s where people can build trust with you, see all your offerings where you speak directly into their needs, and start a conversation. If you have smaller priced items they […]

Health Coach Website – Polishing My Life

One of My First Health Coach Clients I’ve been working with Tina for a few years now and she was one of my first clients. I wanted to share what she does, a little about her health coach website and what I’ve designed for her since! Polishing My Life is Tina’s brand and she loves […]

This Is Not the Story I Thought It’d Be

This is the story of how I got to where I am today, running businesses, working with clients and enjoying freedom! All Great Stories Start in High School When I was in high school I knew I never wanted to work a traditional 9-5. I wanted flexibility and creative options. I wanted to be in […]

4 Things that Elevate a Website

I’ve designed a lot of websites at this point and I’ve recognized these four things that will automatically elevate a website. These are investments but are things to consider as your business grows. They don’t have to all be invested in at the same time either. You can invest in one at a time and […]

I Have a Business Idea, What Next?

You are here because you are a dreamer. You have a ton of ideas, or maybe just one, that you can’t let go of! I am here to help you hone in and ask some questions to see if this is a dream you want to pursue or if it’s just an idea. This is […]