What Your Health Coach Website Can Do For You

Your health coach website is your business’ home.

It’s where people come to meet you, hang out and eat your food (consumer your free content).

It’s where people can build trust with you, see all your offerings where you speak directly into their needs, and start a conversation.

If you have smaller priced items they can also test the waters and gain information through those!

If you have a well designed health coach website it can do a lot of things but these are the most impactful for your business…

1. Connect with Your Ideal Client on a Deeper Level

Have you ever connected with someone in real life where you just instantly had a connection. You had something in common, you enjoyed their personality and you wanted to talk to them for a long time!

You can build that kind of relationship online, it’s all about the way you use your words.

To really connect with your ideal health coaching client you need to speak into their struggles. For example if you made a post that said “do you feel like you’re so exhausted that you can’t get out of bed in the morning, you try to make healthy choices but it doesn’t seem to be working and the doctor just said they don’t know what’s wrong?”

That statement would have reached me and, I am sure, other people.

Your website can pull together what they NEED and what you have to OFFER to equal an excited potential new client.

Your website gives you many chances to connect with these clients all throughout your site and you get to direct them to the action you want to take which is most likely to book a discovery call!

2. Educate on What You Do and Why they Need You

In marketing basics, it is hard to sell a product or service that is solving a problem your client doesn’t know they have.

With health coaching clients, you need to be able to educate them on their bodies, the food they are eating, the products they use in their home, and this all impacts their overall health.

When you educate them on the problem and show that you know what you are talking about and can help them solve it easier than if they tried on their own, you have a new client.

3. Be a Home for Automations for your Business

You probably wouldn’t think this would be on the list but the reality is your business needs systems. These systems include:

  • A way for someone to reach out to you and potentially book a call
  • Fill out a health questionnaire
  • Share documents, links, etc.
  • Feedback questionnaires
  • Automations for lead generating actions (like email list building)

and the list goes on!

There are so many things you can automate in your business like the delivery of these questionnaires, hubs for information pertaining to specific diets and more!

Even if you ever did a health challenge, you can automate most of the work for it!


4. Bring in Clients who are Googling your Services

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is when your website pops up in Google (or Pinterest) when someone searches for specific terms.

So this website post talks a lot about a health coaching website. The goal is to come up high in the search results when someone googles that phrase.

Then it’s like your ideal clients are just coming to you instead of you having to chase them down constantly on social media.

With a website, you can build your content list and share more free content that connects your ideal client with your business.

5. Point Them to Your Social Media Accounts & Email List

Even if someone isn’t ready to purchase something from your or hire you, you still have the opportunity to connect with them for the long term.

You can share your social media platforms with them so they can follow you.

You can also connect them with your email list where you can be sending them information every week and growing the relationship.

This is a long-term strategy where, in the future, you can sell your offerings to them and they can buy when it’s right for them.

The more social media accounts they follow and more emails they receive, the deeper your relationship with them will grow.

Your Website is a Tool in Your Business Tool Kit

Your health coach website can do a lot for you, especially if it includes amazing copy that connects with your ideal client, includes free content for them to feel like you can solve their problem, and ways for them to work with you!

If you enjoyed this post and learned something, come join me over on Instagram where I hang out and educate health coaches on running a successful and freedom-filled online business.